Glasgow 1770 Triple Distilled launched

The core range trio is complete


With the Glasgow 1770 Triple Distilled, the Glasgow Distillery based in the Scottish capital has presented the third single malt whisky of its core range. The Triple Distilled follows the Glasgow 1770 Single Malt and the Glasgow 1770 Single Malt Peated and completes the announced triumvirate of the Glasgow Distillery.

Liam Hughes, Co-Founder of The Glasgow Distillery Company, said: “It has always been our vision to create a core range of single malts that reflect differing production styles. Our vision was influenced by the original Glasgow Distillery, which was founded in 1770 and inspired the name for our range of single malts. After discovering that they produced unpeated, peated and triple distilled whisky some 150 years ago we set out to do the same for the modern whisky era. “

First whisky from the new Glasgow Distillery was released in 2018

The Glasgow Distillery Company was founded in 2012 by Liam Hughes, Mike Hayward and Ian McDougall as the first whisky distillery in Glasgow since 1902. Today the distillery is equipped with five stills. It started with Tara, Mhairi and Annie, which are named after family members of the three founders, later joined by Margaret and Francis. They owe their name to two sisters who are well-known Glasgow artists.

The first whisky was launched in 2018, followed by a peated version in 2019. Now that the standard range is complete with the Glasgow 1770 Triple Distilled, single cask bottlings and other limited editions are announced to follow. The Glasgow 1770 Triple Distilled Single Malt Whiskey has a non-smoky character. Distilled three times and matured in virgin oak casks it is said to be very soft and to present a complex aroma of butterscotch, pears, cheesecake and spicy chocolate.

Producer's tasting notes for the Glasgow 1770 Triple Distilled

Nose: The nose opens up with dark cherry and caramel toffee with fruity aromas leading to roasted almond and liquorice over a backdrop of vanilla and tea leaves.

Palate: In the mouth it is smooth and elegant, hints of ripe pear and baked vanilla cheesecake lead to a spicy chocolate with a beautifully thick texture.

Finish: The finish is long and clean with a lingering flavour of rich honey and vanilla.

Image: Glasgow Distillery Company