German Whisky Day proclaimed

This year 24 June will be dedicated to German Whisky

The Verband der Deutschen Whiskybrenner VDW (German Whisky Distillers Association) has proclaimed a common day of action to assure German whisky a stronger public focus. Every year the last Saturday in June will be a German Whisky Day according to an actual press release of the VDW. The date for the first German Whisky Day was fixed: 24 June 2017.

German Whisky often goes its own way

German whisky has made a lot of friends meanwhile. Not least they appreciate the regional focus and individual orientation of German distillers. Most of them use a different distilling technology than it is tradition in Scotland or Ireland. Also the sorts of used grain or types of casks are key issues in defining an individual way of whisky making. But there also are some German whisky distillers who adopt Scottish traditions or for example buy malt in Scotland. Die German whisky scene is a colorful one and to figure this out is the aim of the German Whisky Day.

Individual arrangements to celebrate the German Whisky Day

It’s up to every single distillery how the German Whisky Day is celebrated. „A common day, an individual program“ the VDW announces. Whether a distillery choses to celebrate an open house day, offers special tastings or lectures or even presents a special bottling – the possibilities to design the German Whisky Day are diverse. During the next weeks the German Whisky Distillers Association will collect all the plans and offers of the distilleries and publish them on the VDW’s homepage.

34 distilleries are members of the Verband Deutscher Wiskybrenner up to now. You probably know some of the whiskies they produce, for example Finch Whisky, Coillmor, Gilors or Aureum from Ziegler.