Freedom 1848: German whisky with a name steeped in history

The single malt is produced at the "Halber Mond", where once the famous Heppenheim Conference took place


The whisky Freiheit 1848 is still young, but as a proud flag it carries a historical date within its name: In March 1848 the revolution began, which introduced important political changes, and which ultimately led to the first free election of a German parliament.

The revolution originated in a meeting of 18 politicians on October 10, 1847 in the conveniently located inn "Halber Mond" in Heppenheim in Hesse- This conference is known as the “Heppenheimer Versammlung”.

The inn has been owned by the city since the 1970s. After a restoration, the listed inn was reopened and now houses a brewery and a distillery in addition to the hotel and restaurant. Master distiller Gregor Thormann also offers tours, distilling lessons and tastings in the Halber Mond – not during the current corona crisis, of course.

The distillery's 200 liter still produces various brandies, the Lunatic Gin, the Mondvodka, the Grasbrook Rum and also the Freiheit 1848 Single Malt Whisky. The standard version of the latter matures for three years in cask made of local Spessart oak, but other types of casks can also be found in the warehouse. 

Whiskies they offer besides the classic Freiheit 1878 are for example: