Flora & Fauna Collection: single malts beyond the mainstream

Whisky editions for collectors as well as for those who enjoy them


The Diageo company often presents their whiskies in series. In the Classic Malts Series, distilleries are presented as representatives of various Scottish whisky regions. For the special releases, rare, older bottlings or special bottlings from well-known distilleries beyond their core range are released every year.

Another popular series of single malts is the Flora & Fauna Collection, which was started by Diageo in the 1980s and was originally only intended for on-site sales. Distilleries were sought out whose bottlings were rarely found on the whisky floor as single malts, but were mainly intended for the blend industry. For example, Caol Ila was not bottled as a single malt until 2002 and was only noticed and enthusiastically celebrated by whisky fans when it was released in this series.

A series name that actually isn't one

Small illustrations from the animal or plant world on the label of the bottles made the whisky author Michael Jackson speak of a Flora & Fauna Collection, a name that is now firmly linked to this series, even if it is not an official name. You will look in vain for it on the bottle labels. The currently available eleven editions of the Flora & Fauna Collection were bottled at 43% ABV.

Benrinnes 15 Year Old Single Malt

The Benrinnes Distillery near Aberlour was founded in 1826 and uses small stills to produce a full-bodied and thick malt with a delicious aroma and a wide flavour profile. The Benrinnes 15 shows sweet and full-bodied notes on the palate with fruits, spices and a subtle chilli heat, which finally dissolve in the medium-long finish in dried fruits, burnt caramel, spices and tannins.

Blair Atholl 12 Year Old Single Malt

The Blair Athol Distillery with its ivy-covered traditional stone buildings set against an idyllic mountain landscape is one of the most picturesque distilleries in all of Scotland. The aroma of Blair Athol 12 brings the wonderful scent of sherry and Christmas stollen, with notes of fruits, spices, nuts and leather. The taste is full-bodied, sweet and round, with fruits, woody and sweet aromas and toffee. The rich finish shows sweet spices, fruits, wood, nuts and traces of red wine tannins.

Dailuaine 16 Year Old Single Malt

The Dailuaine Distillery was founded in 1851 and caused a sensation due to its unique kiln ventilation in the form of a pagoda roof. Dailuaine 16 is a deeply complex Speyside single malt that has hardly ever been tasted in its pure form. The smell is very earthy, with a rich sherry aspect. In terms of taste, sherry, spices, wood and piquant notes prevail, followed by a finish with wood ash, walnut, tannins and tart herbs.

Glen Spey 12 Year Old Single Malt

The Glen Spey Distillery was founded in 1885 and uses a special purification mechanism that results in prolonged contact with the copper. The result is a particularly pure spirit with a lighter and more subtle character. Citrus, salt water, ginger, pear and pine resin determine the aroma. Herbs, grapes, rosemary, black pepper and chilli are noticeable in the taste, while a trace of peat smoke permeates the short and sharp finish.

Glenlossie 10 Year Old Single Malt

John Duff built the Glenlossie Distillery in 1876 and took advantage of the elevation differences of the site - he used hydropower where others had to use steam. Glenlossie 10 is a sweet, light and elegant Speyside single malt. He enchants with a floral, fruity aroma with notes of lemon cream, freshly mown grass and rhubarb. The taste is fresh and fruity, with honey and malt, and culminates in a short to medium-long finish with citrus, celery, white pepper and dark chocolate.

Mannochmore 12 Year Old Single Malt

The Mannochmore Distillery was founded in 1971 in the village of Birnie, which is south of Elgin. The distillery was built as a counterpart to the Victorian distillery Glenlossie, whose whisky is similarly aromatic. Mannochmore 12 is surprisingly pure, dry, refreshing and direct. An aroma of cotton candy and plants, with light citrus notes. Citrus fruits are also noticeable in the taste, together with vanilla, candied ginger and hot chili peppers. The finish is surprisingly short and dry.

Linkwood 12 Years Single Malt

Linkwood Distillery was founded in 1825 by Peter Brown. To this day, they have maintained a perfect balance with nature and occasionally watch white swans do their laps on the distillery's lake. Linkwood 12 is a subtle, pure and delicious single malt. Rose petals, fruits, vanilla, butter and sea air determine the aroma. The taste is sweet, with a slight acidity, floral and fruity with notes of heather honey. In the medium-long finish, a lingering sweetness of ripe fruits and liquorice with woody aspects prevails.

Teaninich 10 Years Single Malt

Captain Hugh Munro founded Teaninich next to the Cromarty Firth at Alness in 1817. Teaninich is the only distillery in Scotland that uses a filter press to filter the mash. Teaninich 10 is a tempting Highland single malt with a green and vegetable character. The aroma is fresh, sour and appetizing, with notes of orange and lemon and a hint of beeswax, while the fresh and dry taste is reminiscent of green vegetables and citrus fruits. The medium to long finish also conveys notes of vegetables and beeswax.

Strathmill 12 Years Single Malt

Strathmill is located in the picturesque valley of the Isla River. In 1968 the so-called "Lyne Arms" were added - these give the whisky a slightly oily character that goes perfectly with its dominant fruit and grass notes. Strathmill 12 is mild, round and balanced. The smell is sweet and minty, with flavours of chocolate chips, roasted peanuts, dried parsley, and moss. The taste is sweet and slightly tart, with notes of citrus, spices, ginger and chilli, before the medium-long dry finish leads to a chocolatey aftertaste.

Auchroisk 10 Years Single Malt

Auchroisk was founded in Banffshire in 1974, making it one of the youngest distilleries in Scotland. Your whisky is made with the incomparably clear spring water of the Dorie spring. Auchroisk 10 is a Speyside single malt with its very own character. Subtle aromas of sea water, fresh wood smoke, liquorice, ginger and pine needles, with a heavy, full-bodied taste that conjures up hints of woody tannins, tart herbs, dry cinnamon and salt. The long finish is woody and tart, with notes of sulfur and mild peat smoke.

Inchower 14 Years Single Malt

The Inchgower Distillery was founded in 1871 by Alexander Wilson & Co. After a series of mergers and acquisitions, it now plays a crucial role in the production of numerous blends such as: B. Johnnie Walker - which makes Inchgower extremely rare as a single malt, as only 1% of the production is individually bottled. Ingower 14 is a wonderfully balanced whiskey - in taste, consistency and complexity. The slightly chewy aroma is characterized by vanilla, ginger, fruits and beeswax. The creamy, well-balanced taste reveals notes of ripe fruit, nuts, toffee and subtle seaweed. A medium-long finish rounds off the impression with honeycomb, tobacco and dark chocolate.

Source: Diageo via Styleheads GmbH Berlin