Flóki Single Malt: Iceland not only can do football

In Eimverk Distillery warehouses Icelandic whisky is maturing

Iceland is in the headlines because of the surprising success of its football team during the European Championship. But only few know that Iceland is not only a nation that plays football but also a whisky producing country.

Iceland on its way to Flóki Single Malt Whisky

The Eimverk Distillery in Reykjavík was already founded in 2009 by two brothers (there are several different statements regarding the foundation year; we stick to the information on the distillery homepage). In 2012 the Thorkelssons started with their first distilling experiments. Since August 2103 production is running constantly so that we can look forward to the first bottling of a single malt whisky. The homepage of the Eimverk Distillery reveals this release will be limited to 500 numbered bottles.

Young Malt from Eimverk Distillery available

You can already buy a Flóki Young Malt. Eight different editions have been released as single cask bottlings that had been matured for 1 to 2 years in American oak. Fresh casks without any previous filling had been used. Bottling this Flóki Young Malt made it possible for Eimverk to use the now prepared casks to mature the Flóki Single Malt Whisky in them afterwards. Eimverk Distillery works with a German Holstein still and uses local organic barley.

By the way: With the Þoran (Thoran) Distillery a second Iceland Distillery has been founded meanwhile, but it is still in planning modus.