First market-listed whisky fund will open in March

Investors and collectors can join the Swedish fund for rare single malts

Whisky has been a highly sought after collector’s item and object for investment for several years. Up to now this involved private persons or investment groups but from March onward there will be the chance to participate in "The Single Malt Fund".

To go public with whisky was the idea of the Swedish entrepreneur Christian Svantesson. € 1.000 will be the minimum investment in this fund that will open on 12th March at the Nordic Growth Market NGM in Sweden and supervised by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.

The active investment strategy can be followed on the fund’s website where sales of the rare whiskies will be offered to the investors before being placed on the public market.

The magazine The Spirits Business quotes analysts from Rare Whisky 101 who report increasing figures of auctioned single malt whisky: they mention 12.638 bottles auctioned from April to June 2016 and 21.617 in the same period in 2017 – this is a plus of 71% and a strong indicator for the high interest in rare whisky.