First Isle of Raasay Signature Single Malt: 3.000 bottles to be purchased by entering a ballot

The official Signature Edition of the distillery will be launched this May


The first whiskies from a new distillery are always in great demand. The Inaugural Release of the Raasay Distillery was also sold out shortly after its release in November 2020 (we reported). When the first Raasay Signature Edition will be launched soon, the demand will certainly also be high. That is why the distillery is now offering an opportunity to secure the right to purchase a bottle to 3,000 members of its Slainte Club.

Two ballots are open

Anyone being a member of the distillery's whisky club (membership is free by the way) can enter a ballot: Ballot 1 offers the opportunity to purchase one of 2,500 bottles of Isle of Raasay Single Malt for £48, while Ballot 2 offers the opportunity to participate in the launch event on June 4, 2021 with distillery founder Alasdair Day and whisky author Dave Broom. There are 500 ticket available at a price of £140. Besides the ticket to participate in the whisky tasting, a bottle of Raasay Single Malt is included as well as a sample package with six samples for the deconstruction tasting.

Deconstruction tasting on June 4th

Doing a deconstruction tasting of the Raasay Single Malt Whisky is remarkably interesting in that the distillery builds its malts on a six cask recipe: Both the peated and the unpeated Raasay malt are matured in ex-rye whiskey casks, chinkapin oak casks and ex-Bordeaux red wine casks. The Raasay Single Malt is batched from all 6 casks and has a slightly smoky, complex character.

Those who miss out on the ballot have the chance to regularly get a bottle in the distillery shop or at one of the dealers in various export countries, including Germany – while stock lasts. 23,000 bottles will be available on the market.

You can register for the ballots here on the Raasay Distillery website. The deadline for registration for Ballot 2 is May 12th. The website also provides more information about the Slainte Whisky Club and the easy way to join it.