First casks filled at Clydeside Distillery

Morrison Glasgow Distillers started whisky production in Glasgow at the banks of the River Clyde

Whisky production is back at Glasgow and some days ago the team of Clydeside Distillery filled the first casks. It took about six weeks to perfect the recipe of the whisky since mashtun and pot stills were turned on for the first time. Then the new spirit was judged as being perfect by Distillery Manager Alistair McDonald and Tim Morrison, Chairman of the Clydeside Distillery. So it was ready to be filled into casks. For the first time for hundred years whisky is maturing now in the City of Glasgow at the banks of the River Clyde.

In November the Clydeside Distillery had been opened officially (we reported) and a new visitor center was inaugurated as well. It will take at least three years until the whisky will have been matured in the ex-Bourbon casks. But up to that time large numbers of visitors will tour the distillery and also learn about the history of the Queen’s Docks. Here where the Clydeside Distillery was erected in the old pump house once was the heart of Glasgow’s whisky production.

Pictures: Morrison Glasgow Distillers Ltd.

Tim Morrison, Chairman of The Clydeside Distillery, fills the first whisky cask with new-make spirit. Distillery Manager, Alistair McDonald, hammers the bung into the first whisky cask.