Fettercairn Warehouse 2: The first edition of the new series presented

The whisky for batch 1 was matured for ten years in port, sherry and ex-bourbon barrels


Launching Warehouse 2 Batch 1, the Fettercairn Distillery presents the first whisky of the new small-batch series Warehouse Collection. Fettercairn owns 14 traditional dunnage warehouses, this edition is dedicated to Warehouse 2. The first batch is limited to 3100 bottles.

The approximate age of the single malt whisky can be calculated from the specified distillation year 2010 and the bottling year 2021, even if the age is not expressly stated on the label. In these 10 years, the whisky was matured in different barrels, which Fettercairn states very transparently on the box:

  • 40% port pipes
  • 10% Vasyma Sherry butts
  • 10% Tevasa Sherry barrels
  • 5% unseasoned Vasyma barrels
  • 35% ex-Bourbon barrels.

The whisky was bottled without chill filtration and at natural colour with an alcohol content of 49.7% ABV.

Official tasting notes for the Fettercairn Warehouse 2 Batch 1

Nose: Light, elegant and truly refined as enticing floral notes of fleshy honey dew melon, Doyenne du Comice pear, cape gooseberries and freshly baked brioche covered in Scottish heather honey. In the background ginger spice, creamy caramel, Madagascan vanilla pod and poached peaches

Taste: The alluring aromas are immediately transferred onto the palate as creamy coffee latte, tangy grapefruit segments, spicy apple tart laced with cinnamon and Turkish Delight take centre stage. However with a small edition of cool still water this helps to release another layer of exuberance with warming flavours of Devonshire fudge, vanilla cake, maple syrup and fresh clementines. A compelling whisky of genuine charm.

A unique pot still

The history of the Fettercairn distillery goes back to 1824. It was founded by Sir Alexander Ramsay, who used the buildings of a former mill and who made the unicorn of his family crest the logo of the distillery. Since the 1950s, the distillery has had a unique selling point with its unusual cooling system: while the heart is being distilled, fresh spring water runs down the still from a cooling ring. This makes the Fettercairn Whisky particularly light and fruity.

In 2018, Whyte & Mackay completely reorganized its Fettercairn brand and presented a core range with age statements, which replaced the Fettercairn Fior and Fasque. Since then, they have been working single-mindedly on expanding Fettercairn as a single malt brand. The main product is the Fettercairn 12.

Images: Whyte & Mackay