Expansion of Glenmorangie Distillery is underway

Among other equipment another pair of stills will be installed

Expansion work, construction of new buildings or enlargement of existing ones are currently not uncommon on the sites of Scottish distilleries. Glenmorangie as well has been driving forward expansion works for some time: The construction of another building will provide the Tain distillery with room for two more stills. Additional mash and fermentation equipment will also be installed. Glenmorangie first announced plans for this project one year ago, we had reported here in July about the symbolic groundbreaking ceremony. The work is to be completed later this year. Visitors to the distillery need not fear any restrictions due to the construction work, both production and sightseeing tours continue as usual.

A few days ago, Morrison Construction published a press release announcing that the company is pleased to get the chance to support Glenmorangie on this project, building two new warehouses in addition to the expansion of the production area. Morrison Construction also presents a drawing of the new building with attached still house, the height of which is due not least to the impressive format of the Glenmorangie stills. Their necks are 5.14 meters high, the highest in Scotland. So far, there are 12 of these giraffe-high stills, which allow an annual production capacity of 6 million liters of alcohol.

Image: Morrison Construction