Eòrna Lòin II Mystery Malt: A 20-year-old Speysider from Murray McDavid

The independent bottler has released a new batch of the Eòrna Lòin

The series "Mystery Malt" of the independent bottler Murray McDavid we are presented single malts without being told their origin distillery. Eòrna Lòin is one of those whiskys. It comes from the Speyside had been released as a 17 -year-old and 20-year-old single malt in recent years. Now a new batch of the Eòrna Lòin was published, the Eòrna Lòin II 20 years 1997/2018.

From the Murray McDonald homepage we learn the correct pronunciation of the Gaelic name Eòrna Lòin: “yorna-loin”. Translated from Gaelic this means meadow barley. Although the exact origin of the single malts is not revealed, two clues on this homepage provide us with quite clear information on it: It is a Diageo distillery whose whisky is mainly used for blends. It was the first distillery to be built with that typical pagoda roof designed by architect Charles Doig.

This Eòrna Lòin Mystery Malt 20 years 1997/2018 was matured in refill bourbon casks most of the time. During the last three years it was stored in two first-fill Bourbon casks that came from the Koval distillery in Chicago. The whisky was neither colored nor unchill-filtered and it was bottled at 46% ABV.

Producer’s tasting notes

Nose: sweet apple, citrus, honey

Palate: fresh fruit, citrus, creamy

Finish: long and complex