Edradour-Ballechin-Cuvée 8 yo

A marriage of Edradour and Ballechin Single Malt Whisky

With Edradour-Ballechin-Cuvèe a new limited whisky has been released recently. As the name suggests for this bottling Edradour has been blended with Ballechin. The label also tells the age of the single malt: It is 8 years old.

There are two very different whisky lines that are produced in the little distillery Edradour, situated in the Scottish Highlands. Edradour is the classic unpeated whisky of the distillery, Ballechin as a peated whisky is a kind of a smoky complement. Both are brought together to create the Edradour-Ballechin-Cuvée. “But under these circumstances – is it still a single malt whisky?” some whisky fans ask. It’s a question that with no doubt can be answered “Yes, it is!” Both whiskies are produced at Edradour Distillery so the Edradour-Ballechin-Cuvée as a blend of both is still a Scotch single malt whisky.

Two malts from one distillery blended for the Edradour-Ballechin-Cuvèe 

We already know about products as a marriage of two whiskies from the same distillery. They come from distilleries that produce (or produced) grain as well as malt whisky. The Hibiki Japanese Harmony of Suntory is an example for such a blend or look at some old bottlings from Lochside distillery. The word Cuvèe is taken from the French language and in use in winery. If we would try to categorize the Edradour-Ballechin-Cuvèe with common Scottish terms and consider that the whisky was blended from two malts we would rather suggest “Single Blended Malt”. Oder Double Malt as it can be read on the label.

Three ex-bourbon casks and one ex-sherry

The casks in which the whisky for the Edradour-Ballechin-Cuvèe 8 years old had been matured are mentioned in details: The unpeated Edradour stayed in a sherry butt from 2008 with the cask number 123, the peated Ballechin was taken from the three Bourbon barrels 293, 294 and 295, also filled in 2008. The resulting whisky has been bottled uncolored and un-chill filtered.

The tasting notes tell about a smooth embedding of the smoke that harmonizes with the sweetness of the Edradour and the aromas of almonds, dark fruits and oranges.