Edinburgh is well on the way to a malt whisky distillery

Maybe already next year distillation will start

The lease has been granted for the Holyrood Park Distillery buildings in Edinburgh. If everything can be realized as David Robertson, former Master Distiller of Macallan plans distilling can start in summer 2016. The buildings had been constructed to be railway warehouses and after a renovation had hosted a social project.

Small distillery with big visitor center

The micro-distillery with an annual production of 100.000 liters of alcohol will be situated west of Holyrood Park in the center of Edinburgh. It will generate 25 jobs in the whisky production and in a visitor- and education center. Could there be a better place for a Scottish single malt distillery than the Scottish capitol, asks Robertson, who has been cooperating with the investment banker Andy Simpson. They want to invest two million pounds in the Holyrood Park Distillery as soon as the planning permission will have been granted.

Malt whisky returns to Edinburgh

Holyrood Park Distillery would be the first malt whisky distillery in Edinburgh since in 1925 the Edinburgh Distillery, former known as Glen Sciennes, was closed. End of 18th century there were eight licensed distilleries in the Scottish metropole and a big amount of illicit distilleries. North British Distillery, a large grain distillery, has been the only remaining distillery in Edinburgh until last year the Spencerfield Spirit Company opened a distillery for the Edinburgh Gin at the end of Princess Street. Now a malt distillery will join them and will find a perfect ambience in the historical building from the 1830s.