Dueling Barrels Brewery and Distillery opened in Kentucky

A new distillery to produce Bourbon, moonshiner and beer, and to attract tourist

Not only in Scotland and Ireland new distilleries are built, the US also goes through a distillery boom. Latest member of the whiskey scene is the Dueling Barrels Brewery & Distillery in Pikeville. Yesterday it was officially opened and now offers distillery tours.

The distillery stretches about 30.000 square foot and hosts three pot stills and 19 fermenters. This will allow the owner Alltech to produce 40.000 barrels annually the actual press release announces. Besides of Bourbon moonshiner with different flavor profiles will be produced at Dueling Barrels Brewery & Distillery as well as beer. Ale, pale ale and IPA will be available in local stores and at the distillery itself. To attract tourists is a stated aim of the Dueling Barrel project.

To pave the way to Bourbon country

The eastern region of Kentucky is not really famous for Bourbon as the Bourbon County 142 miles west is and as well the town of Louisville. But according to Alltech’s plans this will soon change: In January 2019 the Duelling Barrels Distillery will become part of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. But this won’t mean that the distillery is the end of the trail but sees itself as the new start: This will bring the Bourbon Trail nearer to the west coast population and tease them to come across the mountains.

Already in the whisky business in Lexington and Dublin

The Alltech company was founded by the Lyons Family and is already experienced in the spirits business: They already run a whiskey distillery in Lexington that also is part of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and the Pearse Lyons Distillery in Dublin since 2017. We reported about this new Irish Distillery and the Irish roots about the then President of Alltech Pearse Lyons. He died not long after the opening of the distillery that was named after him and coulnd’t bring the Dueling Barrels Brewery&Distillery in Pikesville project to its end. His son Mark, now President of Alltech, and his widow Deidra, Director of Corporate Image and Design, finished it after three years of planning and construction.

Pictures: Alltech