Dream to Dram: Kingsbarns presents first permanent whisky bottling

The Wemyss Family’s dream of a self-produced single malt whisky has come true

In December 2018, the Kingsbarns Founders' Reserve, limited to 3,000 bottles, was released especially for the members of the Kingsbarns Distillery Founders Club. Now the first permanent bottling of the Fife distillery was presented: "Dream to Dram", the new flagship of Kingsbarns. William and Isabella Wemyss are the owners of the Kingsbarns distillery. They have established themselves as independent bottlers since 2005 and have now fulfilled their dream of owning their own whisky distillery.

Dream to Dram is now available in the UK and will soon reach other markets, too, to join the Kingsbarns Spirit Drink.

Ex-Bourbon and STR casks

The barley for the Kingsbarns whisky grows locally in the fields around the distillery. A long fermentation time (using two different yeasts) and a slow distillation is important to the Kingsbarns whisky makers. All of their casks are stored in a warehouse not far from the distillery. Unlike the Founders' Reserve, which was matured only in ex-Bourbon casks, the Dream to Dram is batched from 90% whisky matured in first fill ex-Bourbon barrels of Heaven Hill Distillery in Kentucky, and 10% whisky from so-called STR casks, wine barrels that have been shaved, toasted and recharred before being filled with the Kingsbarns new make (you may remember: The English distillery Cotswolds also uses those STR casks developed by Jim Swan and recently launched the Founder's Choice batched only from those casks).

20 casks were married for the first batch of the Kingsbarns Dream to Dram. The single malt whisky is bottled unchill-filtered at 46% ABV. In 2015, the first cask was filled at Kingsbarns, so this non-age statement bottling here is a three-year-old whisky.

Producer’s tastingnotes for the Kingsbarns Dream to Dram

Nose: The nose opens with tropical fruit such as banana, pineapple syrup and summer berries, there is a slight herbal edge to it

Taste: Soft toffee, custard pastry and redcurrants

Finish: Ginger syrup


Photo: Kingsbarns Distillery