Douglas Laing now distributor for Glenturret in Europe

Glenturret Single Malt Whisky will be more present on European markets

The indepentendet bottler Douglas Laing announced to add the role of a distributor to his profile and organize the European sales of the Glenturret Single Malt Whisky. Glenturret belongs to the Edrington Group that also is the owner of labels like Macallan, Highland Park, Cutty Sark and Brugal.

New core range of Glenturret to conquer Europe

Glenturret Single Malt Whisky hasn’t played an important role on market yet because most of the produced whisky is used for the blend Famous Grouse. That’s the best-selling whisky label in Scotland.  But in November Glenturret (that calls itself oldest distillery of Scotland) has presented a new core range in celebration of the distillery’s 240th anniversary. This includes The Glenturret Sherry Edition, The Glenturret Triple Wood Edition and The Glenturret Peated Edition. With the support of the new distribution partner Douglas Laing these single malt whiskies of Glenturret will be brought more intensively to public attraction.

Douglas Laing very successful in Europe

Douglas Laing is one of the big players among the independent bottlers. Fred Douglas Laing had founded the family company in 1948. Now Douglas Laing it is led by one of his sons, Fred Hamilton Laing, and his granddaughter Cara. With single malt series as Old Particular, XOP or Provenance und Malted Blends like Big Peat, Scallywag, Timorous Beasty and Rock Oyster they built up very successfully sales channels that they now will also use for the Glenturret single malts.