Douglas Laing introduces Scallywag Chocolate Limited Edition

As part of World Chocolate Day, Douglas Laing & Co. is launching the limited Scallywag "Chocolate Edition" Speyside Blended Malt

While thousands all over the world have prepared themselves in various ways for World Chocolate Day on July 7th, the independent whisky company from Glasgow, Douglas Laing & Co, unveils a particularly fine piece of chocolate: the Scallywag Chocolate Edition! This limited edition within their Speyside Blended Malt range was presented today by and exclusively for Douglas Laing.

Mocha and red fruits

The majority of Speyside Single Malts, which were specially selected for this special bottling by Fred and Cara Laing, matured in Spanish Sherry butts. This led to a blended malt with characteristic notes of red fruits, caramelised nuts and rich mocha, which inspired the two to create this bottling for World Chocolate Day. Altogether only 300 bottles were filled, each bottle numbered individually and provided with a gold foil label. It features the well-known and popular Scallywag Fox Terrier in the midst of a temptingly melted chocolate backdrop that is supposed to reflect the notes of rich mocha and dark chocolate shavings from the whisky. In keeping with the family business's ethos of bottling Scotch Whisky "as natural as it gets", even this latest version is neither coloured nor chill-filtered, bottled at high strength of 48% abv and packed in a beautifully printed gift bag. The bottles are available exclusively on the company's website.

Whisky and chocolate

According to Cara Laing, Director of Whisky and self-confessed sweet tooth, Scallywag Chocolate Edition is "a wonderful, aromatic whisky for World Chocolate Day, and indeed for any special occasion." The Douglas Laing team proposes to its customers to combine this new blended malt with your favourite chocolate. On the one hand, this complements the flavours of both stimulants and, on the other, further enhances the character and depth of Scallywag's Chocolate Edition.

Speyside Blended Malt

In Scallywag, Douglas Laing bottles only the best Speyside Malts from various distilleries, including Mortlach, Macallan and Glenrothes. Since its market launch in 2013, with the Fox Terrier on label and packaging, Scallywag's portfolio has taken on extensive dimensions. The latest addition is the Scallywag 10 Year Old, limited to 4,500 bottles, with sweet notes of red fruits, honey and mocha. A nice alternative to the very limited Chocolate Edition presented here.


Image: Douglas Laing & Co