Dalmore 50 yo auctioned for £28.000

A new record price for a bottle of the legendary Dalmore from 1978

When one of these Dalmore 50 yo is offered anywhere for sale or to be auctioned the whisky world is curious if a new record will be set – and it hasn’t been disappointed recently: in 2012 such a Dalmore 50 yo was sold for about £6.000, but actually the prices seem to go through the roof. In January 2017 £14.300 was payed, two months later a price of £18.600 was achieved, another five months it went up to £22.100 and in December 2017 to £26.250. Last week a bidder from Italy won the auction of a Dalmore 50 at Whisky Online Auctions according to a press release: His bid was £28.000.

The edition of the Dalmore 50 yo was limited to 60, bottled in 1978 and created by master blender Richard Patterson. They say the youngest whisky that was used was distilled in 1926 but there were also noticeable older shares involved. The single malt was bottled with 52% ABV which is considerable high for a whisky matured for so many years. If someone spends that much money on a whisky he can suspect more than a classic Dalmore bottle as he would get buying a Dalmore King Alexander III or a Dalmore 25 yo: The Dalmore 50 was filled in a glass decanter and lies in a noble wooden case. A certificate, signed by Richard Patterson, is added and also a glass stopper – just in case the bottle would be opened…