Create your own bourbon whiskey with Buffalo Trace

New interactive website explaining bourbon whiskey production

Is there anyone who wouldn’t like to compose an own bourbon? Buffalo Trace makes this dream come true and launched a special website. “Craft your perfect bourbon” is the title of this new project that was introduced in a press release and can be reached under

A look behind the scenes of whiskey production

Bad news first: The bourbon that is crafted is only virtual. The good news: step by step you are taken through the production process and learn all about it and what has to be payed attention for. Which role do the ingredients play and what effect does a variation of the aging has on mellowing and taste?

Just a few steps to an own bourbon whiskey

At first it’s necessary to choose the recipe for your bourbon whiskey. It’s the same as it is with cooking a meal: The selection of the ingredients is important for the alignment of the flavors. There must be 51% corn at least to go confirm with the bourbon law. Maybe you want to use a high rye amount in the mash to get very spicy bourbon? Or do you prefer to increase the corn for a sweet, round taste? And there’s also the possibility to use wheat as well…
After the mash is composed production process can start which is explained with nice animated graphics. The new make then has to go into casks – but what effect has the wood and the charring of the casks? How long should it last? Not long and the next decision is due to be made: How long should the casks stay in the warehouse? Different criteria have influence on the maturation and the taste of the developing bourbon. Und at last there is the question at what proof the whiskey is to be bottled.

And how does the virtual crafted bourbon taste?

While it takes years until the Buffalo Trace Bourbon is ready this virtual whiskey production is done within three or four minutes. You can’t enjoy your now “homecrafted” bourbon but to take comfort the program tells you which Buffalo Trace whiskey is the most similar to it. And you really should try that one to know what you designed by yourself.

You can find some information about Buffalo Trace Distillery in our distillery database and about their whiskies here in our whisky database.

Photo credits: Buffalo Trace Distillery