Cotswolds Founder's Choice released

A limited single malt whisky matured in special red wine casks

In autumn 2017, the English Cotswolds Distillery released their first whisky. It is a three-year-old small batch whisky and has already been awarded several international gold medals. For the current standard whisky, the team of distillery owner Daniel Szor batches ex-bourbon casks (30%) and ex-red wine casks (70%). Now a special edition has been released: "Founder's Choice" is its name and if you want to get your hands on one of them you should hurry up, because it is limited.

Specially prepared red wine casks

The Cotswolds Founder's Choice was batched only from ex-red wine casks. However, they are not ordinary red wine casks but have undergone a special process, that had been created by whisky expert Jim Swan. He mentored Daniel Szor in setting up the distillery. The 225-liter red wine casks made of American oak are shaved, toasted and recharred before they are filled with new make. This procedure breaks up the structure of the wood and allows an intensive exchange between wood and spirit. The red wine notes do not overload the young whisky and the American oak can enrich it with vanilla and coconut flavors.

Founder's Choice is bottled at cask strength

Those “STR” casks are the favorite barrels of Daniel Szor and he has chosen them for this special bottling as an homage to Jim Swan, who died in early 2017. Founder's Choice is limited to 2850 bottles and was bottled at cask strength of 60.9% ABV, uncolored an unchill-filtered as it usual for Cotswolds Whisky. Like the classic Cotswolds Single Malt Whisky, the Founder's Choice is three years old.

Producer's tasting notes

Nose: Dry hay and cut wood, with dark chocolate and dried figs, and plums in sweet syrup.
Palate: Warming cereal and toast notes, with lots of fresh red fruits and butterscotch.
Finish: Hints of spicy oak, lots of dried fruit and a lingering nutty, dry note.