Cooper King Distillery to start whisky production soon

The „do-it-yourself-distillery “ in Yorkshire installed the final kit

Cooper King Distillery

Two young people – one dream: scientist Abbie Neilson and architect Chris Jaume have left their previous lifes behind, stepped out of their professions and started to build a completely new existence with the Cooper King Distillery in Yorkshire. We reported here on the start of their gin production in May and on the career of the young entrepreneurs based on a distillery training in the Tasmanian Lark Distillery.

So they have been producing gin for a few weeks already, and next month the first new make will flow out of the Australian pot stills of the Cooper King Distillery to mature into English whisky during the following years. In a press release, Abbie Neilson and Chris Jaume proudly announced that mash tun, hot liquor tank and fermentation tanks are now installed. They were manufactured by Liam and Mark Ruston of Purewels Stainless, a local Yorkshire company.

Regionality is very much in the focus of the slightly different distillery, which runs with 100% renewable energy: they will use Yorkshire barley for their whisky, which they plan to launch in 2023. If you want to support the distillery financially, you can become a member of the Cooper King Distillery Founder's Club. The membership will allow you to position yourself well for the run on the first bottles of Cooper King Whisky.

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Cooper King Distillery: The Founders