Cooper King Distillery fills first casks

The English distillery uses 100-liter casks for its whisky maturation


The Cooper King Distillery in Yorkshire proudly announces that it just filled its first casks and is now maturing the first single malt whisky. “Filling these first casks is the culmination of five years of hard work and the start of a wonderful whisky journey. We have already received fantastic feedback on the malt spirit and are confident we’ve chosen the best casks for the first batches of whisky,” says Chris Jaume, co-founder of Cooper King Distillery.

These first casks previously contained fortified Australian wine or are Spanish ex-sherry casks. They were converted to 100-liter casks for the Cooper King Distillery by Cooper Alastair Simms from Ripon. Cooper King attends to mature its whisky for three to five years - depending on when the two founders and managers of the distillery, Chris Jaume and Abbie Neilson, declare their whisky fully matured. In future, ex-Bourbon barrels from a Kentucky distillery will also be used, as Cooper King has just entered into a partnership with this Bourbon distillery.

When cask #1 will be bottled in a few years as an inaugural release it will only be available for members of the Cooper King Founder's Club. This club was initiated for crowdfunding the Cooper King Distillery. There are still a few places left, and those who are interested should probably decide quickly if they want to be part of this project. If you are interested in some information on the background of the Cooper King Distillery: we introduced it here in a post last year.

Image: Cooper King Distillery