Construction of Quiet Man Distillery stopped

Niche Drinks won’t continue the £12 millionen project in Londonderry

The Irish whisky scene is booming, one product after the other is being launched and it feels like we can read monthly about a new distillery that is planned, built or opened. Today right in the middle of that hype a news burst and caused international attention: The construction of the Quiet Man Distillery will not be finished. “Commercial factors” caused this decision according to Niche Drinks as BBC reported. So far speculations whether these factors have an economic, structural, marketing oder personal reason would be exactly that: speculations!

Already in February 2017 we had reported here that Niche Drinks had received planning approval for the Quiet Man Distillery and planned to start production in early 2018. In April this year Quiet Man was back in the news, but not because construction was completed but because the label as well as the to-be-completed-distillery was sold to the American company Luxco (see here).

It’s not clear what will happen now with the Irish whiskey label, the single malt and the blended whiskey. The whiskey is being produced in another distillery, of course and all that has been announced so far is the stop of the distillery construction, a construction that fueled hopes for the first whisky distillery for 200 years and 35 new jobs.