Clydeside Distillery in Glasgow opened

Whisky to be produced on the site of the former Queen’s Docks

Since two days Glasgow is a whisky producing city again after not being in that business for more than 100 years. Clydeside Distillery was officially opened on Thursday, 23rd November, situated at the banks of the river Clyde. Between Riverside Museum and SSE Hydro the site of the former Queen’s Dock can be found and this is where the distillery was built. Once this harbor region of Glasgow was the heart of the city and distillery owner Morrison Glasgow Distillers Ltd. wants to get those busy times back by the revival of the Glasgow’s whisky tradition. The new visitor center that is integrated into the distillery plays a main role. Visitors will not only see the production and get background information but also learn about the connected history of Glasgow.

A family business

The family of Tim Morrison, Chairman of the Clydeside Distillery, is deeply rooted with the place itis built on. In 1877 Tim’s great grandfather had built the Queen’s Docks. Now the family is focused on the whisky business and with his company A.D. Rattray, an independent bottler, Jim has already proofed he has a hand for the water of life. His son Andrew has also joined the business and will be Commercial Director of the Clydeside Distillery.

Impressive views inside and outside

The old pump house was transferred into a distillery by Hypostyle Architects, who connected tradition and modern style in a harmonic way. And also the inside represents those two aspects: the traditional way of whisky production is followed, supported carefully by modern technique. The impressing Forsythe pot stills can be seen through the glass front from far. And those who work here will enjoy a view not many others can at their working place. 25 people are employed here, directed by Distillery Manager Alistair McDonald who comes from Islay. He started his career at the Bowmore Distillery and was Manager of Auchentoshan Distillery before he came here to Clydeside Distillery.