"Chasing Whiskey": The story of Jack Daniel’s on streaming channels

Documentation will be available from April 9, 2021 on Apple TV, Google Play, and others


Brown-Forman promises a trip around the world, announcing the documentary "Chasing Whiskey - The Untold Story of Jack Daniel’s". After the premiere of the film and performances in cinemas last year, the production of Movie City Films and Evolve Studios will now enter private homes: From April 9, 2021, Chasing Whiskey can be found in the programs of Apple TV, Google Play and other streaming services. The press release lists prices as $ 9.99 for purchase and $ 4.99 for video-on-demand.

The journey begins in Lynchtown, Tennessee, where Jack Daniel’s whiskey is produced. 57,000 miles will be travelled, 5 countries visited, 16 time zones crossed. The viewer travels to Beverly Hills, to Australia, to Cuba - to different cultures in which the American label Jack Daniel's is at home today.

“Why is whiskey so intertwined with popular culture, and how did Jack Daniel’s become the most iconic whiskey brand in the world? These are some of the questions we were asking as we began our journey on “Chasing Whiskey”. Fortunately, no matter where we went - from Tennessee to Japan to Cuba to the outback of Australia - and even Scotland - we always found someone who had a compelling, personal story to tell about Jack,”said director Greg Olliver. “With unprecedented access that was given to us by Jack Daniel’s, we uncovered surprising stories that began even before Jack started making his own whiskey. We’re proud to present this insightful, whiskey-infused adventure that tells the story of Jack that’s been 150+ years in the making.”

Background information on Chasing Whiskey, details and a trailer can be found here on the film's website.

Image: Brown-Forman