Charles and the Ardbeg Kildalton Project

Prince Charles visited the distilleries Ardbeg and Laphroaig

Last week the Ardbeg Distillery on Islay welcomed an important guest: His Royal Highness Prince Charles, Duke of Rothesay honoured the distillery with his visit. This year Ardbeg celebrates its 200th anniversary. If you wonder about the title: „Duke of Rothesay“ was the official title of the heir apparent to the throne of Scotland and now it is deserved by the heir apparent to the United Kingdom. While staying in Scotland this title earns probably more attention than the usually used tile “Price of Wales”. And therefore you can read it in all bulletins and articles about this Islay journey. By the way: Wikipedia also reveals that Prince Charles being the Duke of Rothesay also can call himself “Lord of the Isles”.

Ardbeg Kildalton supports project on Islay

Back to Prince Charles’ visit of Ardbeg: The cause was as already mentioned the anniversary of the distillery, but there was a charity project in the focus of attention, too. With the Kildalton Project Ardbeg supports the community “South Islay Development” and their plans to build a new community hall in Port Ellen. An amount of the proceeds of each bottle of Ardbeg Kildalton goes to these purposes. Partner of the Kildalton Project is the North Highland Initiative (NHI) and this is where Prince Charles gets into the game: The NHI was founded because of his efforts to promote and strengthen places of the rural areas of Scotland.

On to Laphroaig

The Laphroaig Distillery doesn’t take part in the Kildalton Project, but it celebrates its 200th anniversary as well this year. So not only Ardbeg but also Laphroaig was honoured by the visit of Prince Charles that day. While the photo in Ardbeg’s press announcement shows a tasting beneath an umbrella, Prince Charles could get warm by shovelling peat at Laphroaig. You can have a look on it in the colourful article in the Daily Mail