Celtic Whisky Compagnie (Glann Ar Mor and Kornog Whisky) sold to Maison Villevert

Martine and Jean Donnay part with their Breton single malts


In 1997 Martine and Jean Donnay founded the Celtic Whisky Company in Brittany, now they have sold their heart project to Maison Villevert. The portfolio of the Celtic Whisky Company includes the single malts Glann Ar Mor (unpeated) and Kornog (peated). In the future, those labels should benefit from the well-developed distribution network of the new owner, who is very well positioned internationally with products such as the gins G’Vine and Nouaison, the Excellia Tequila, the La Guilde du Cognac or the La Quintinye Vermouth Royal. Now high-quality whisky is also part of its portfolio.

At Glan Ar Mor Distillery in L’Armor Pleubian at the Breton coast, whisky is distilled traditionally in directly fired stills, which were made according to Donnay’s own specifications. Warehousing also happens here at the coast in the maritime climate.

The name Jean Donnay is also not unknown to connoisseurs of the Scottish whisky scene: his planned Gartbreck Distillery on Islay has been under discussion for several years, the construction of which recently failed due to differences with the planned partner and financier Hunter Laing. The independent bottler has withdrawn from the Gartbreck project and has meanwhile realized his vision of an own distillery by building the Ardnahoe Distillery on Islay.

Image: meinwhisky.com