Bushmills starts RED.SET.GO brand campaign for Red Bush with a video clip

The Irish whiskey is to reach a new generation of whiskey customers

Leaving the traditional Irish image of green fields and valleys behind and starting an era of modern, youth-oriented whiskey advertising: Bushmills launches RED.SET.DO, a new marketing campaign in the US.

The real Belfast is in the focus, says Jeffrey Schiller, Brand Director of BUSHMILLS Irish Whiskey, in a recent press release. Bushmill’s videoclip presents a group of young people who enjoy themselves from sunset to sunrise in an electrifying modern city. The video shows them running through the streets in good mood with a bottle of Red Bush in their hands and dancing at parties. The videoclip is accompanied by the sounds of Kid Karate's new single "Louder".

Bushmills has big plans for the next five years: production is expected to double during this period to meet the rapidly growing demand for Irish whiskey. More than 77 million dollars are to be invested for it. A special focus is put on the Red Bush, which was released in 2017 for the American market.

The new video, launched in all digital channels, marks the beginning of the ad campaign, a series of live events will follow in the US later this year.

Picture: Bushmills/Businesswire

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