Bushmills received planning permission to build a second distillery

The expansion is part of a £60 million investment plan to double production capacity

The demand for Irish whiskey is rising rapidly and Bushmills has set the course for a significant increase in production in order to meet the anticipated future demand. An investment package to reach double production capacity within the next five years covers £60 million. Thirty million of these will flow into the construction of a new distillery, which has now been granted planning permission by the Causeway Coast and Glen Borough Council.

The new distillery will join the existing Old Bushmills Distillery on the site in County Antrim, Northern Ireland, providing the company with an additional mashtun, eight washbacks and ten pot stills. The construction of several building elements is intended, 16 meters at the highest point. Triple distillation will be carried out at the new distillery as we are used from Old Bushmills Distillery. After the completion of the new plant, an annual production of 9 million liters of alcohol will be possible. To ensure enough storage capacity for the current fulltime production, construction of 29 new warehouses will start soon, with planning permission already granted last year - another element of the £60 million investment plan.

The company Diageo had handed over Bushmills to Jose Cuervo in 2014 and in return received the Tequila brand Don Julio in addition to the sum of 408 million US-Dollars.