Bunnahabhain: £11 million for distillery makeover

The ugly duckling of Islay is to get attractive

Wherever you look there are new constructions, enlargements, and expansions in the whisky scene. Islay is no exception. No wonder that Distell, owner of Bunnahabhain Distillery, announced to spend £11 million on renovations. Uncommon detail: the money will not help to increase production or modernize the distillery equipment. It will be used to make Bunnahabhain more attractive for tourists and give the quite unsightly complex a more appealing appearance.

Grey, cheerless and weathered

Bunnahabhain is situated at the northeast coast of Islay. A narrow and “simple” road winds its way out to the distillery – that street by the way at which the new Ardnahoe of Hunter Laing is being build. Visitors of Bunnahabhain always saw an unspectacular ensemble of grey production buildings and warehouses. Scruffy, left to itself and not very inviting. But this will change now.

New visitor center for Bunnahabhain

With £11 million the distillery will be primpt and embellished during the next three years. The renovation plans not only include new roofs and newly painted facades what is no surprise regarding the considerable amount of money that will be spent. Some old warehouses and distillery that have suffered the ravages of time will be demolished. In warehouse 9 an appealing visitor center with a glass front that allows a fantastic view on the pier will allow to present the Bunnahabhain whisky appropriately. The distillery will be inviting approaching from the waterside as well to animate passers-by to land their ship and drop by for a distillery tour. Beach huts are planned for relaxing and enjoying the view on Jura.

For those who want to stay longer there are eight holiday cottages on site that are being renovated as well.