Bulleit Bourbon Tattoo Limited Edition

Tattoo art shown on whiskey bottles

Diageo entered the world of tattoo art by founding the Community Ink Project to promote its whiskey label Bulleit. International tattoo artists come together to realize art projects, as for example the leather billboard that was unveiled in London in September 2018 for the first time. It was also presented in Berlin on October 10th, because one of the five artists who created the billboard was Berlin tattoo artist Valentin Hirsch. This board was not the first one of its kind: Already in 2017 such a “patch work” art installation was presented in New York by 24 artists realizing variations of the Bulleit Frontier Whiskey lettering.

Four editions of Bulleit Bourbon Tattoo Edition released in the US

Within this Community Ink Project some special Bulleit Bourbon bottles were designed. Already in July international press releases announced that four artists created their own bottle that was released in August in each artist’s home state: Shawn Barber / Los Angeles, Jess Mascetti / New York, Thomas Hooper / Austin, Texas, and Jason Kundell / Portland. The release on further markets was announced and now some of the editions seem to appear in Europe: A German press release announced the launch of the Bulleit Bourbon Tattoo Limited Edition created by New Yorker tattoo artist Jess Mascetti of East Side Ink for November 2018, detailed dates are not mentioned.

A design that resembles the distinctiv character of New York

There’s a quotation that explains the artist’s inspiration and intention: “I wanted to showcase all that I love about my city in all of its spectacular beauty and overwhelming texture and grit, where Mother Nature meets human nature. Where the greatest achievements in art and architecture share spaces with the denizens and creatures of the city. Where dandelions fight their way through concrete, and pigeons nest atop statues and monuments. Mother Nature refuses to quit us regardless of how many times we pave over her.”

The limited release is provided with a QR Code and hashtags so that those who are interested in more information can enter an interactive augmented reality. The content of the bottle is the classic Bulleit Kentucky Straight Bourbon. But it’s not likely, however, that many of those tattoo-bottles will be opened…

Photos: Diageo