Buffalo Trace unveils Antique Collection 2020

Five popular Bourbons and Rye Whiskeys will show up in September


In the US, the Buffalo Trace Distillery's Antique Collection is eagerly awaited every year, and in Europe there are meanwhile also a lot of fans of these exclusive bourbon and rye editions. We are therefore taking a short look at this year's new bottlings, which are always sold out very quickly. The price is expected to be around $99 per bottle. They should be available at the end of September / beginning of October.

The Antique Collection, which is released every year in small batches, was launched two decades ago for the first time and many editions of the series have been awarded medals and titels in the Whisky Magazine, in John Murray's Whisky Bible or in various spirits competitions.

The editions of the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection 2020

George T. Stagg

The Straight Bourbon was matured in barrels in Buffalo Trace’s warehouse L, K and Q since spring 2005. The 15-year-old whiskey was bottled at 130.5 proof (65.3% ABV). Cinnamon, caramel and cherries catch the nose, creamy vanilla and a hint of smoked oak spread out on the palate. In the finish coffee, cherries and herbs.

William Larue Weller

The 2020 bottling was distilled in winter 2008, the barrels were stored in warehouses I and C. 134.5 Proof (67.3% ABV) give the 12-year-old Bourbon an impressing strength. It shows up with soft caramel notes, spearmint and cinnamon flavors.

Thomas H. Handy Sazerac Rye

A Straight Rye that was bottled unfiltered and at barrel strength of 129.0 proof (64.5% ABV). The barrels were stored in warehouses K, M and N since spring 2014. The aromas include cinnamon, anise and honey.

Eagle Rare 17 Year Old

The Bourbon distilled in spring 2002 can offer 101 proof (50.5% ABV). Storage on the first floor of warehouse P gave him an aroma of ripe cherries, vanilla cream and oak and a taste of caramel and coffee, followed by oak and fresh herbs.

Sazerac Rye 18 Year Old

With its 90 proof (46% ABV), the Straight Rye Whiskey is the one with the lowest alcohol content among the editions of the Antique Collection 2020 but being 18 years of age it is also the oldest. From spring 2002 the barrels were stored on the third floor of warehouse K. Oak, caramel, chocolate, pepper and cherries characterize the aroma.

Image: Buffalo Trace Distillery