Buffalo Trace to create a stand alone brand of single estate Boubon

The distillery plans to grow its own corn, rye and barley to establish a "farm to bottle" - brand

Last November Buffalo Trace Distillery bought a plot of 233 acres consisting of farm land, farmhouse, barns and ponds. No exact plans were announced and the owner, the Sazerac Group, did not comment questions about their intention to head for a single estate Bourbon. Now, after acquiring another 49 acres next to its distillery in Kentucky, they revealed their intention: Buffalo Trace is to create a stand alone brand of single estate Bourbon.

Buffalo Trace follows global trend for craft products

“We are very excited to begin our farm-to-table venture and see what the future has in store” Harlen Wheatley announced, master distiller of Buffalo Trace. The distillery now is owner of 439 acres of land in total and will grow own corn, rye and barley on the new farmground. It’s a global trend of the recent years Buffalo Trace is following: Demand for craft products is growing. The term “craft whiskey” is much discussed and by building up a so called “farm to bottle” production Buffalo Trace is probably to give a clear statement. Even though there’s no official definition of the term “single estate” it’s understood as being a brand that concentrates most of the production steps in its own hands.

An new brand with an own identity

Neither name nor age or other information of the new brand that will be launched from Buffalo Trace Distillery has been given so far. It will enlarge the portfolio of the company that enfolds brands as Buffalo Trace, Van Winkle,or Blanton’s Single Barrel. Whether Buffalo Trace will even raise cattle on the ground and feed them with the stillage of the distillery and close the circle of production is unknown yet as well.