Buffalo Trace Distillery saw visitor record in 2019

Almost 300,000 visitors mean an increase of 35% compared to the previous year


Wherever you look: Whiskey distilleries are seeing increasing visitor numbers. The numbers at the Buffalo Trace Distillery in Kentucky are particularly noticeable, because here, with 293,996 visitors in 2019, 35% more visitors could be welcomed than in the previous year. If you look at the entire last decade, you can see an increase in visitor numbers of 466 percent.

The distillery started an investment of more than one billion dollars last year in order to meet the increasing whiskey tourism, but above all the strong demand for their whiskey (we reported here on the details of the expansion).

The Buffalo Trace Visitor Center will also be included in the renovations and extensions, but care will be taken to ensure that works will have minimum impact on visitor tours. On the contrary, visitors are allowed to participate in the progress of the distillery upgrade: “The growth we are seeing in all aspects of the Distillery is really exciting,” Meredith Moody, director of homeplace development said. “We are eager to show all of our distilling upgrades to new and returning guests on our updated. It’s a whole new experience, whether you are a first time visitor or have toured many times.”

So if you are going to visit Kentucky in the near future, you should not miss the opportunity to join this this special Hard Hat Tour. You can find information on offered tours on the distillery website. Everyone else is invited to a virtual tour on their home PC enjoying 36 ° pictures of the Buffalo Trace Distillery.