Buffalo Trace Distillery offers a virtual tour of the distillery

Explore the whiskey distillery on the screen

The company Sazerac offers whiskey fans a new experience: a virtual tour of an American whiskey distillery. In cooperation with the New York-based agency Bajibot, a complex program was developed that brings the Buffalo Trace Distillery with its production buildings, warehouses and outdoor facilities on a Windows or Apple PC, iPad or iPhone. It invites you to explore Buffalo Trace on the screen.

After the download and the installation of the program, the handling can be learned in a small tutorial. This step could be omitted if you are an experienced gamer, but it is nevertheless highly recommended to have the operation and possibilities of the program explained very briefly. Then you can choose between three different virtual tours: Hard Hat Tour, Distillery Tour and Barrel Tour. Tourguide Freddie Johnson explains the facts and background of Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon’s production as you move through the grounds or buildings. You also can listen to the history of Kentucky and the Buffalo Trace Distillery by using the "Time Machine".

Of course, there is nothing impressive like a real distillery tour, but the program is a nice alternative for those who are curious about the distillery and cannot make a quick detour to Kentucky. If you do not like it as virtual as that you might perhaps love the video about a Buffalo Trace tour available here on Whisky.com.

The free program for the virtual tour can be downloaded here on the Buffalo Trace homepage.


Photo: Buffalo Trace Distillery