Buffalo Trace Distillery invests more than $1 billion

In addition to the expansion of the distillery and the warehouses, the focus is on the company's own corn fields


The Buffalo Trace Distillery is aiming to significantly increase the production and has already started to invest in different sectors. Four new large fermentation tanks, each with a volume of 92,000 gallons (approx. 348,000 liters), were installed in a former bottling hall, the roof of which had to be raised for this. The roof of the mash house was removed so that it can accommodate four new corn cookers. A new cooling tower has also been added in the meantime.

The Buffalo Trace Distillery has already completely filled four warehouses with barrels, and the fifth is already half full. The sixth warehouse is nearing completion and the seventh has already been started to be constructed. A total of 22 warehouses are said to be located here. With a capacity of 58,800 barrels each, this results in a nice amount of whiskey.

Buffalo Trace Distillery is on the way to producing part of its whiskey as a Single Estate Bourbon. GM-free corn has been grown on the site of the distillery in Franklin County for five years. The varieties Boone County White Maize, Japonica Striped Maize, CF790 Conventional Maize and Neon Pink Popcorn were grown the past four years, this year Buffalo Trace focused on Royal Blue and Hickory Cane White. Royal Blue ensures a mild, sweet taste, as we can read in the current press release, Hickory Cane White particularly nutty flavors. The two corn varieties are known to grow particularly well in Kentucky.

Images: DIVERSA Spezialitäten GmbH / TeamSpirit Internationale Markengetränke GmbH