Buffalo Trace celebrates 7 millionth barrel

Another milestone in the history of the famous Kentucky Bourbon distillery

Seven million barrels have been rolled into the warehouses of Buffalo Trace Distillery in Frankfort, Kentucky, since prohibition. On 12th April 2018 it was up to Freddie Johnson to roll the barrel with the anniversary number 7.000.000 into warehouse V. He follows into his father Jimmy’s footsteps who had the honor to roll each millionth barrel so far, last time on 14th May 2008. He had been 92 years old at that time and meanwhile Jimmy passed away.

Warehouse by warehouse to be built at Buffalo Trace

Warehouse V was built especially to host these milestone-barrels with a million-number and now there are seven of them stored there. Very different: The new warehouse AA that CEO Mark Brown also presented at this anniversary event. It has a capacity of 68.800 barrels and this is only the first of 30 of its kind that Buffalo Trace will construct here during the next ten years. But although warehouse AA was officially opened now it has already been nearly filled. It won’t take long and BB will be finished, laying of the foundation stone of CC has already been celebrated and the ground is ready for DD – the expansion course that has been started by Buffalo Trace in the 1950s is still pursued

Multiply awarded and more than a production site

Buffalo Trace was founded in 1773 and is not only the home of the Bourbon that wears its name but also from well-known labels as E.H. Taylor Jr., George T. Stagg or Eagle Rare. Only a few weeks ago the Whisky Magazine declared Buffalo Trace “Distillery of the Year 2018” and honored the leader of the distillery center with the title “Visitor Attraction Manager of the Year“. But Buffalo Trace is not only production place of masses of Bourbon, visitor attraction with more than 200.000 visitors per year and (according to the press release) th wordwide most awarded distillery with more than 500 prices, but also a „National Historical Landmark“, listed in the „National Register of Historic Places“.

Heading for the future

But the family owned company of Buffalo Trace doesn’t rest on its laurels and isn’t only increasing its production but also develops its portfolio: 17.500 barrels of experimental whiskey are maturing at Buffalo Trace and we can be curious about what the distillery will present in future times.

Photo: Buffalo Trace Distillery