Bruichladdich realizes next step of transparency

For Port Charlotte Scottish Barley detailed cask information available as well

If you buy a bottle of Port Charlotte Scottish Barley you can now get some information about the exact cask characters of the batch on the Homepage of the Islay distillery Bruichladdich. Already in April last year Bruichladdich realized its former announcements to offer more transparency regarding the casks they use for batching their single malts. They introduced a small field on the company website and offered consumers the possibility to categorize the whisky more exactly than the information on the label allows. Whisky number two for this transparency-project is the heavily peated Port Charlotte Scottish Barley.

The bottle code unveils the casks

Last year we reported here in a news article how you can decode the code on the Bruichladdich Classic Laddie. Now it’s the same with the Port Charlotte: the code of numbers that can be found on each bottle of the single malt (including the slash it is a six-digits-code). After entering the code in a field on the product side of the homepage you will get information how many casks were used for this batch and what kind of casks they were. In case of the Bruichladdich Classic Laddie there are also details about the barley it was produced with.

Caught between Scottish and EU regulations

In a letter to the magazine that has also been published as news on the Bruichladdich Homepage Simon Coughlin, SEO of Bruichladdich, informs about this transparency campaign. He highlights that these detailed information given by Bruichladdich now are fully under the terms of the EU regulations ((12.3 of Spirits Drink Regulation No 110/2008) and quotes the relevant passage directly. According to Scottish regulations it is forbidden to make details of batched casks public by putting them on the label. The way Bruichladdich has chosen is an attempt not to break those Scottish rules but supply the consumer with more information and transparency.