Bruichladdich implements announced transparency for Classic Laddie

Batch code reveals detailed information about casks

If you want to know which casks have been batched for your Bruichladdich Classic Laddie you can find this information on the distillery homepage now. All you need is the bottle code that can be found on each bottle of Classic Laddie Scottish Barley. There’s a special input field on the right side of the Classic Laddie internet site, stating “Enter 5 Digit Code”. This code is printed on the back side of the turquoise bottle and consists of 5 digits (as for example 13/555). After entering this code you will get information about number, age and kind of the applied casks.

Scotch Whisky Association says No to public detailed information

Already some weeks ago Bruichladdie announced their plans for more transparency. This is a kind of supporting the campaign of the independent bottler Compass Box who is an enthusiastic advocate for more transparency regarding the batching of whisky releases. Last year the Compass Box Company had been admonished by the Scottish regulation agency Scotch Whisky Association SWA because information on two of its products would go against the rules. According to them only the age of the younges whisky of the batch should be mentioned. It’s not allowed to inform the consumer more detailed about the enlisted casks, neither on bottle or package nor by advertising.

Bruichladdich uses bottle code for detailed information

Bruichladdich now enables customers to get information through the backdoor after buying a Classic Laddie Scottish Barley. Already on March 1st Simon Coughlin, CEO of Bruichladdich, wrote in a letter addressed to the authors Dave Broom, Becky Paskin and Richard Woodard: “One thing we must make very clear however, is that Bruichladdich has no intention of breaking any laws. Recognising the restrictions imposed on us by current legislation, the information provided on The Classic Laddie bottle, packaging and advertising is not going to change. There is no intention to purchase advertising or to commission a marketing campaign to promote the fact that we are making this information available. We are not even going to publish this information in a form that can be accessed by a casual visitor to our website.” Well, the form they chose now using the bottle code ensures Bruichladdich follows these intention.