Bruichladdich Black Art 7.1: 25-year-old witness of old craftmanship

A whisky from Bruichladdich’s fateful year 1994

Bruichladdich introduces the new Black Art 7.1: the casks that were selected for this vintage single malt whisky from 1994 were matured for 25 years. It was the year when Bruichladdich was closed, so this whisky is a witness of the last months the distillery’s production before it was mothballed and waited for its revival in 2001.

It is not revealed which kind of casks Head Distiller Adam Hannett chose for the Black Art 07.1 - a bit of mystery has to be kept for a Black Art bottling. What we know is the number of bottles this release it limited to: 12,000 bottles are available of the Bruichladdich Black Art 7.1 which is 2/3 of its predecessor’s, the Black Art 6.1 with its 18,000 bottles. The new Bruichladdich was bottled uncolored and un-chillfiltered at 48.4% ABV.

Tasting notes for the Bruichladdich Black Art 7.1

COLOUR Medium brown with golden-yellow reflections

AROMA Incredibly complex. The mysterious result of special barrel maturation, craftsmanship and the magical influence of the Isle of Islay. Lined up at the beginning are concentrated notes of marzipan, then walnut and crème caramel, followed by Turkish honey, passing on to the scents of strawberries, violets and coconuts. After a few minutes, intense fruity notes of ripe plum, poached pear, raisins and grapefruit follow, slowly turning into spicy-woody nuances and the scent of nutmeg, toasted oak, roasted coffee beans and brown muscovado sugar.

TASTE On the palate, the Black Art 07.1 appears a little less complex than in the nose. You can see a slight sharpness, which quickly turns into a velvety texture and a soft, round mouthfeel. The first, rather dry, woody aromas give way to the fruity-sweet combination of coconut, Turkish honey, caramel and orange peel and end in a perfect balance of texture, power and mysterious elegance.

MOOD The typical "Black Art feeling" of having an almost unfathomable mystery in the glass. Black Art 07.1 is like the fusion of past and future, born of alchemy between the terroir, man and time.

FINISH As if there were no end and a pleasure that never stops. With its incredibly gentle texture, the Black Art 07.1 ends in a grand and unforgettable finale of roasted nuts, tropical fruits, baked pineapple and butterscotch.


Image: Bruichladdich