Bruichladdich Black Art 5.1 to be released

Next edition of the Bruichladdich series of black bottles announced

It seems we've got to wait now for Santa Claus and for the new Bruichladdich Black Art 5.1. If we give credence to the information in the actual press release about the Black Art (and we do!) Santa Claus will probably make his way earlier to us than the whisky: the Black Art 5.1 is announced to be on market end of December/beginning of January.

Jim McEwan passed the project Black Art to his successor

The Black Art bottlings of Bruichladdich always had been very special projects for Jim McEwan. The former master distiller of the Islay distillery always had chosen very special casks and watched them narrowly over the years. In the same way he had got the Bruichladdich Black Art 5.1 underway and written down the recipe, his plans and the fitting casks. When Jim McEwan retired in 2015 he passed this secret recipe on to his successor Adam Hannett. Now it was up to him to proceed with the project Black Art 5.1 and put his personal mark on it. p>

A limited Bruichladdich in cask strength

The character and combination of the casks that were batched for the Bruichladdich Black Art 5.1 is unknown yet and won’t be published even when the single malt will be released. Bruichladdich doesn’t want to show the transparency here that they offer for the Bruichladdich Classic (as we reported here). The secret shall be kept for the Bruichladdich Black Art. But we know that these were all casks from 1992. The whisky will be offered with 48.4% ABV cask strength and was neither chill-filtered nor colored. There are 12.000 numbered bottles of this limited edition Black Art 5.1.

If you can’t wait until the release of this new edition why not try to unlock the secret of the former bottling, the Bruichladdich Black Art 4.1 meanwhile?