Bruichladdich aquires farmland next to the distillery

30 acres for exploration of „Islay terroir” and its influence on the taste of whisky

Yesterday Bruichladdich posted some news in their social media channels, headlined *BIG ANNOUNCEMENT* and told they acquired 30 acres that surround the distillery. The aim is to explore the impact of terroir and to learn about the possibilities of farming practices. An article on Bruichladdich’s homepage gives more information.

17 farmers grow barley for Bruichladdich on the Isle of Islay, some more on the Scottish mainland. These fields already extend over 1000 acres and these 30 acres more be used to increase industrial areas but for research: What influence does “terroir” have on the taste of whisky? What barley varieties show which results under which conditions?

This idea of the importance of terroir has been in the focus of Bruichladdich for quite some time and they have released different single malts from Scottish barley and Islay barley, as well for the non-peated Bruichladdich as for the Port Charlotte and the Octomore. There have already been several researches and tests on the fields of Bruichladdich malt growing farms and last year 13 different destillates were produced. The are only different by the location they are grown but also by the varieties of the barley. Even rye has been approached recently – for the first time ever on Islay.

Before the new farmland is cultivated that is known as Shore House Croft there will be soil surveys and a biodiversity survey first – considering terroir is a multilayered concept.

Picture: Petra Milde