Bruichladdich announces plans to build own maltings

The Islay distillery also wants to invest in renewable energy

Since Remy Cointreau acquired the Bruichladdich Distillery on Islay in 2012, £22 million have been invested here. At least the same amount will flow into the distillery by 2024 in order to secure and expand its position.

The Bruichladdich distillery is the largest private employer on Islay offering 80 jobs and it wants to further strengthen this strong local focus. The dream of turning more and more to an "all-Islay" production is in the focus of the expansion plans: 42 percent of the barley used here already grows on the island (used for the releases "Islay Barley"),  but it is sent to Bairds in Inverness to be malted. That should change until 2023, because Bruichladdich now plans to build own maltings.

In order to be able to run barely trials and do research about farming practices, Bruichladdich had bought about 30 acres of land near the distillery last year (we reported). And as all Bruichladdich whisky is matured here on Islay, two new warehouses have already been built and four more will follow during the next years.

Bruichladdich also plans to get involved in energy issues. The distillery already works with heat recovery, but they want to go one step further and turn their attention to renewable energies. The use of tidal energy is currently being thought through, but hydropower and biomass energy are also being considered.