Brown-Forman arranged program Master of American Whiskey

Five German bartenders took part in training and competition

In 2016 Brown-Forman installed the training program “Master of American Whiskey” to increase the knowledge of bartenders about whiskey but also to support their personal development and the networking and relationship among each other. Especially junior bartenders are target group for this program and will get a chance to take part in a profound and practice-oriented transfer of knowledge.

5 finalists out of 60 competitors

60 German bartenders started and had to proof their skills in two preliminaries. Challenges like blindtastings, multiple-choice-tests and a Barrel-Aged-Cocktail-Challenge waited for them and at the end five happy finalists got their tickets to join the program “Master of American Whiskey” (#MOAV).

Frank Thelen (Shepheard, Cologne), Marina Hofacker (Spirits, Cologne), Andrea Turan (Reingold, Berlin), William Reese (Mash, Hamburg) and Stephan Körner (Bricks Bar, Düsseldorf) were the lucky ones to travel to the USA and take part in the battle for the title „Master of American Whiskey“. But indeed “battle” is not a correct description but misleading as the conclusion of Stefan Körner, Master of American Whiskey 2018 shows: “Brown-Forman managed to initiate a program that also in its second year set the focus on friendship, knowledge and personal development. I am incredibly thankful that I got the chance to gain these experiences and can only commend anybody highly to take part himself next year."

A look behind the scenes of American whiskey making

So the question “Who will be the next Master of American Whiskey?” was one of the topics of those days, but the time was first and foremost a big chance for the young bartenders to increase their knowledge. They not only visited the Brown-Forman Cooperage where all the Casks for whiskeys like Jack Daniel‘s, Woodford Reserve and Old Forester are made, they also met the Master Distillers of Brown-Forman’s distilleries and took part at tastings with American whiskey experts.

Foto: Brown-Forman