Bladnoch is back

New releases of the Lowland whisky available

Since David Prior took over Bladnoch Distillery two years ago the fans of the Lowland whisky are curious about the future of the brand. The Australian entrepreneur invests about 6.5 mio Euros in refurbishment, modernization and extension. When production will start (probably this summer) 1.5 mio litres of alcohol will leave the new stills annually. But we won’t have to wait for new Bladnoch releases until this new spirit will have been matured. Together with the distillery Prior also bought the existent whisky stock in the warehouses. It’s not very large but part of it has been bottled as single malt whisky and used to create a new blended whisky called Pure Scot. The first two single malts Bladnoch Samsara and Bladnoch Adela have reached our market. Thalia, a 25 vears old single malt with a finish in virgin oak will follow in two months.

Single Malt Bladnoch Samsara

Samsara is on sale without age statemen. But as it is known that the pre-owners of Bladnoch, Raymond and Collin Armstrong, hadn’t produced anything since 2009 the minimum age of the ex-Bourbon and ex-red wine casks that were batched for the Samara is not very difficult to guess. Samsara was bottled un-chill filtered, uncolored and with 46.7 % ABV.
Official tasting notes
Nose: concentrated, stewed fruit with plums, vanilla and orange blossoms
Palate: initially opulent sweetness of grapes, getting dryer with plums and aromas of vanilla and citrus. malty basic character. Well structured.
Finish: soft and grapy with spicy ending Single Malt

Single Malt Bladnoch Adela

15 years in ex-Oloroso casks formed and shaped this single malt. Like the Samsara it is also uncolored, un-chill filtered and bottled with 46.7% ABV
Official tasting notes
Nose: opulent sherry aromas, raisins, hints of walnut, toffee and chocolate
Palate: opulent, sweet and smooth sherry notes with dark chocolate, coffee, dried fruits and hints of licorice and pepper.
Finish: warm and rich, nutty, soft and long

Blended Scotch Whisky Pure Scot

At least 8 years the whiskies for this blend were matured according to an actual press release of Alba Import. Besides of Bladnoch there were also Highland, Speyside and Islay whiskies batched.
Official tasting notes
Nose: opulent and intensive. Old leather, toffee and fruit stollen and a hint of smoke.
Palate: opulent and smooth. Well balanced with subtle smoke, ginger jelly, sweet honey, fruit and notes of pepper.
Finish: spicy and smoky, long lasting and mouth filling.