Black Bowmore 1964 sold at auction for £11.900

This broke the previous record of £9.500 that was only set in 2017

A US investor won a bid at an auction of Whisky Auctioneers, based in Perth. He pays £11.900 for one the very rare bottles of Black Bowmore and this means he breaks a record that didn’t last long: The price that was achieved in 2017 had been £9.500.

This is one of the bottles of the second Black Bowmore Edition released in 1964. Three editions had been released that year. To that time the price for one of the 2.000 bottles available was £80. So you can say the price for the Blackmore has been increasing pretty nice since then.

Many of the other 4.500 whiskies that were sold at that auction did also achieve considerable prices: Clynelish 1973 41 Years Old, single cask £6.100; Port Ellen 1981 Fèis Ìle 2008 £4.600; Macallan Private Eye £3.700; Laphroaig 1980 27 Years Old £3.000. Total proceeds from the auction were £1.2 mio.