Big Peat Christmas Edition 2020 – smoke at cask strength

Douglas Laing presents the 10th edition of the popular Christmas edition


A pinched face with a bulbous nose, a colorful package with lovingly designed picture details of a Christmas Scene, a strong, smoky Islay blended malt at cask strength - whisky fans know immediately that only the Christmas edition of the Big Peat can be meant. This year's edition was presented and it is an anniversary for this whisky: Big Peat Christmas Edition 2020 is the 10th edition of this series.

Fred Laing, chairman of the family business Douglas Laing, says: “Established, indeed “born”, in 2009, my boy Big Peat is a unique marriage of 100% Single Malts from our preferred Islay distilleries. Accordingly “he” has many loyal fans of the phenol around the world. In the cask strength Christmas Limited Edition we certainly get to see his more robust and intense side. This year, using our regularly selected Single Cask Single Malts but always in different percentages, expect an amplification of peat-smoke, dried seaweed and coal dust with an underlying sweetness to his feisty spirit. Big Peat’s Christmas bottling has become synonymous with the festive season and I always look forward to enjoying a dram with him over the holidays.”

Ardbeg, Bowmore, Caol Ila, Port Ellen - well-known distillery names can be read on the label of the Big Peat and as every year the Christmas Edition 2020, which was blended from whiskies from these distilleries, was bottled uncolored and unchill-filtered. This year it presents 53.1% ABV, the lowest alcohol strength in his 10-year career - the iconic Islay fisherman won't lose his power, will he? His pinched face, which this time shines on a Christmas tree ball on the label, is still the familiar one and promises overwhelming smokiness.

Picture: Douglas Laing & Co