BenRiach launches new peated whisky called Dunder

The heavily peated 18-years-old whisky with a dark rum finish is a strictly limited edition

The newest product of the BenRiach Distillery is 18 years old and broadens the special range that already contains BenRiach Albariza 18 years. The Dunder as well will be strictly limited, only 1888 bottles will be available worldwide. While the Albariza got a finish in sherry casks, dark rum casks were used to give special aromatic flavors to the Dunder after the maturation in American oak casks. It’s not a new kind of finishing for BenRiach as we already have the BenRiach Dark Rum Finish 15 Years. But there is an essential difference: The BenRiach Dunder ist a heavily peated Whisky! According to the press release you could even think this is an Islay malt and no Speysider!

Dunder: The rum finish determines the name

The name of this new release refers to a by-product of rum production. “Dunder” is the residue that is to be found in the still after the distillation of molasses. Some rum distiller use it in their next mash as it is known from the American sour mash process which also uses a part of the stillage. Dunder is used to kick fermentation because of the contained yeast and to influence the aroma of the rum.

Smoke and sweet fruits combined

The BenRiach Dunder is bottled with 46 % ABV. The combination of peat smoke und rum finish bodes unsual aromas and the official tasting notes sound promising: they speak of candied peels, soft peaches, ripe bananas with cane sugar (to be exact: Demerara sugar), aromatic peat smoke and sweat and spicy oak notes getting into the nose. The palate presents intensive peat smoke und barley, zests of citrus, white pepper, fresh ginger, caramelized fruits, dried apricots and a rich finish of grass and wood smoke.