BenRiach celebrates 120th anniversary with marsala single cask

On the occasion of their 120th anniversary, the Speyside distillery has released a limited, 20 year old single malt from a marsala hogshead

The BenRiach distillery is known for the creative maturation of its single malts. As part of the celebrations to mark the 120th anniversary of the distillery since its founding by John Duff in 1898, a single marsala hogshead was bottled. BenRiach's Global Brand Ambassador and Keeper of the Quaich, Stewart Buchanan, said: "Hogshead No. 10299, which I saw laid down in our warehouse No. 13 exactly 20 years ago, celebrates the multifaceted, fruit-laden style for which BenRiach whisky is renowned and unlocks a cocktail of fruit sweetness."

Official tasting notes

100 years after the opening of the distillery doors, in 1998 marsala hogshead No. 10299 was filled with new make spirit. After 20 years of maturation, a total of 290 bottles could still be obtained, which were bottled at cask strength with an abv of 53.4%. Each individual bottle was signed by master blender Rachel Barrie and is available immediately and exclusively in the distillery shop.

Colour: Bright sienna orange

Nose: Nectarine, cherry and orange candy with the warmth of cocoa powder

Palate: Spiced fruit and candied grape

Finish: Orange, raisin and hazelnut chocolate with traces of black pepper

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