BenRiach Cask Bottling Batch 16 released

A wide range of individual cask bottlings from different cask types

BenRiach releases a series of individual cask bottlings called Cask Bottling Batch 16, containing 24 very different single malts. 16 of those single cask releases, founded in 1898, are non-peated, the other 8 peated whisky. The alcohol content ranges from 46.5% ABV to 61.6% ABV, all single malts were neither chillfiltered nor colored.

BenRiach Single Malt Whisky in a wide aromatic range

The casks were selected by BenRiach's Master Blender Rachel Barrie. She said: “There is no better insight into our intriguing palette of flavour than BenRiach Cask Bottling Batch 16. Featuring 24 different casks, this release provides a rare opportunity to explore the many facets of BenRiach maturation in one batch, something us whisky makers are lucky to do every day. Batch 16 offers the sweet side of Sicilian Marsala wood, smoked plum of the Rioja cask and a dark manuka honey palate of the 30 year old Tokaji; there is a journey and a story behind each cask bottling to be enjoyed by whisky explorers.”

Twelve of the BenRiach Cask Bottling Batch 16 will be available in Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, the other 12 will be sold on the European market.

The twelve bottlings of BenRiach Cask Bottling Batch 16 for Europe are:

1985 CASK #7214
Aged: 33 years
Cask type: Virgin Oak
Appearance: Demerara brown.
Nose: Salted caramel, oak-spiced orange and smoked mango emerge with toasted pinewood, applewood and lemon peel.
Palate: A burst of sweet lemon, honey and grapefruit on the tongue. Guava, passion fruit and lemongrass linger into the long tropical finish.
ABV: 48.1%

1991 CASK #1865
Aged: 27 years
Cask Type: Rum
Appearance: Bright yellow-gold.
Nose: Ripe guava and papaya burst with golden syrup followed by layers of chocolate cake, almond and buttermilk.
Palate: Luscious sips of tropical fruit with guava, pineapple and mango as fruit builds with mandarin and peach mid-palate, leaving an intriguing coconut and grapefruit finish.
ABV: 50.3%

1993 CASK #7881
Aged: 25 years
Cask Type: Rioja
Appearance: Autumn russet-gold.
Nose: Chocolate, toasted hazelnut and cherry cake open to reveal plum, baking spice and burnt vanilla meringue, with a back-note of leather and tobacco leaf.
Palate: The bittersweet taste of dark chocolate and blackberry compote lead to smoked plum, black pepper and cherry stone into the firm, fruity finish.
ABV: 54.3%

1994 CASK #6500
Aged: 24 years
Cask Type: Marsala
Appearance: Dark apricot
Nose: Chargrilled apricot leads to honey, eucalyptus leaf and roast chestnut, with a savoury spice.
Palate: Barbecued apricot and root beer with blackcurrant and beeswax. Apricot, cherry stone and leather linger into the longlasting sweetly smoked finish.
ABV: 51.8%

2005 CASK #3791
Aged: 14 years
Cask Type: Port
Appearance: Dark ruby.
Nose: Bramble and baked apple pie topped with burnt orange and redcurrant on pastry.
Palate: Roasted apple, liquorice and fennel with cherry, salted caramel and dark chocolate.
ABV: 55.3%

2005 CASK #3435
Aged: 13 years
Cask Type: Rum
Appearance: Bright summer gold.
Nose: Tropical notes of guava and cantaloupe melon combine with vanilla. Chocolate and coconut covered marshmallow soften and round off the nose.
Palate: Tropical fruit salad with pineapple, pear and papaya. Honeyed melon and coconut cream linger into the smooth, sweet finish.
ABV: 55.0%

2007 CASK #7611
Aged: 12 years
Cask Type: Rum
Appearance: Golden yellow sunshine. Nose: Jamaican rum truffles with cocoa beans, coconut milk and chocolate cake, intermingled with sea salt and star anise.
Palate: Pina colada with cocoa beans, rum and raisin ice cream and iced cappuccino leaving a rum-laced espresso coffee finish.
ABV: 59.5%

2008 CASK #2506
Aged: 11 years
Cask Type: Bourbon
Appearance: Bright gold.
Nose: Smoked mint and blackcurrant from a mountain campfire, with bramley apple sauce.
Palate: Grilled red grape smothered in olive oil with smoked angelica and star anise, progressing to a charred apple and maple finish.
ABV: 59.4%

2007 CASK #3237
Aged: 11 years
Cask Type: Oloroso
Appearance: Bronze with gold highlights.
Nose: Caramel waffle with layers of buttermilk, vanilla, cinnamon and brown sugar alongside toffee and butterscotch.
Palate: Sherry and crème brûlée with burnt caramel on top, followed by toffee apple and nutty treacle.
ABV: 61.2%

2008 CASK #3085
Aged: 10 years
Cask Type: Oloroso
Appearance: Golden brown.
Nose: Baked apricot and walnut cake with buttery vanilla demerara sugar and ground nutmeg.
Palate: Steamed apricot bread and butter pudding with burnt raisins on top. Dried fruit, nutmeg and walnut linger into the sumptuous finish.
ABV: 61.6%

2009 CASK #6095
Aged: 9 years
Cask Type: Virgin Oak
Appearance: Dark orange sunset.
Nose: Warm toasted oak, thick maple syrup and sandalwood with layers of brown sugar, caramel and vanilla.
Palate: Chocolate caramel, vanilla and dried apricot finishing with hazelnut, honeycomb and candied apple.
ABV: 58.5%

2012 CASK #7825
Aged: 7 years
Cask Type: Virgin Oak
Appearance: Bright orange-gold.
Nose: Orange, grape and cherry candy in salted caramel with hazelnut nougat and ice cream. Birch and cherry tree bark linger in the background.
Palate: Orange candy, poached pear and custard meld with rhubarb and birch smoke leaving a lingering smoked fruit finish.
ABV: 61.2%

Image: BenRiach